Business Strategy: The 3C's Model of Ohmae

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Each of these “strategic three Cs” is a living entity with its own interests and objectives. We shall call them, collectively, the “strategic triangle”,’ says Ohmae. Seen in this context, the job of the strategist is to achieve superior performance, relative to competition, in the key factors for success of the business. In addition, other job of the strategist is to be sure that his strategy properly matches the strengths of the corporation with the needs of a clearly defined market. Matching of the needs and objectives of the two parties involved is required for a lasting good relationship; without it, the corporation’s long-term viability may be in deficiency.

The 3C's Model is a strategical look at the factors needed for success. The 3C’s model points out that a strategist should take care on three key factors for being successful. In the development of a business strategy, three main things must be taken into account:

1. The Corporation
2. The Customer
3. The Competitors

Through by integrating these three C’s (Corporation, Customer,Competitors) in a strategic triangle, sustainable competitive advantage can exist. These key factors are also known as the three C’s or strategic triangle.

1. The Corporate-Based Strategy
In general the corporation needs strategies aiming to maximize the corporation’s…
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