Business Strategy of Allergan Inc

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Allergan, inc. Business strategy Overview of the company Allergan Inc. is a health care company that has multiple specialties and focusses on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative pharmaceutical products, medical devices, biologics and over-the-counter medication. The products that are manufactured by Allergan Inc. are designed to enable people to live life at their fullest with the greatest potential. Overview of the company continued… The company offers several products which help in eye and skin care, neurological issues, obesity intervention, medical and breast aesthetics, medical dermatology and others. Some of the company's products include Botox, Acular, Alocril, Avage, Azelex, Inamed, Juvederm, Lumigan, Optive, Restasis, Tazorac, Prevage, Zymar and Alphagan P (Datamonitor, 2011: p. 15). Mission The company's mission is to advance patient care. The company focusses on deeply engaging itself with medical specialists so as to design their products to pay attention and meet their needs so that the company can advance the care of patients. This strategic focus is combined with an approach of diversification which enables the company to use research and development to further develop their products. It also helps the company to develop new areas of specialty where the needs that have not been met are significant (Allergan Inc., 2010: p. 28). History Allergan was founded in California by Gavin S. Herbert in 1948 who was a
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