Business Strategy of Amazon: A Summary

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Summary of the Amazon Case: 3
Business Model: 4
Strength: 4
Weakness: 5
Threats: 5
Opportunities: 5
Customer Focus: 5
Means to Innovate and Enhance Customer Experience: 6 - The
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➢ High in customer satisfaction.


➢ being in the highly volatile sector, to achieve sustainable competitive advantage it has to constantly revise its strategy and business model.

➢ Concentration of was on auctions which was a small part of their business.

➢ Due to issues in broadband/internet in developing countries, huge market is untapped.


➢ Concentration of was on auctions which was a small part of their business.

➢ In, Kindle – its e-book reader has a high value. Since Amazon builds the Kindle and sells digital books, Amazon is placing a large bet on the success of its Kindle franchise. However, Sony and IREX - have released or are currently releasing competitor e-book readers.

➢ All high revenue generated or profit making business attracts competitors. would also face competition as it is difficult to differentiate the brand because it sells the product which is available on many other online sites.


➢ Market in developing countries.

➢ Increasing number of internet users.

By analyzing the SWOT it can be concluded that the business model of will work in future provided that it has to adopt strategies that will give them competitive advantage. Also the attracting factor is the increasing number of internet users in developing countries will provide the new market and new customers. Also concentrating on customer
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