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Company name: British Airways (BA)
British Airways is the UK's largest international scheduled airline, flying to over 550 destinations. Whether customers are in the air or on the ground, British Airways takes pride in providing a full service experience.
British Airways main operating bases are London Heathrow and London Gatwick. "Our airline operations comprise mainline passenger and cargo services operated from the London airports and services operated by our regional subsidiary, British Airways CitiExpress.
British Airways group consists of British Airways Plc and there are also a number of subsidiary companies such as British Airways Holidays Limited and British Airways Travel Shops Limited. The cargo service offered
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from the mid-1960s and expanded upon at the Management Science Institute at Harvard in the early 1970s; since 1975 The Strategic Planning Institute has continued the development and application of the PIMSresearch.
PIMS today is much more than the research study from which it originated. PIMS is * a database of business strategies, used to generate benchmarks and identify winning strategies. * a set of data-derived business strategy principles to guide strategic thinking and strategic measurement. * a methodology for diagnosing business problems and opportunities, and for measuring the profit potential of a business. * Stakeholder mapping is a collaborative process of research, debate, and discussion that draws from multiple perspectives to determine a key list of stakeholders across the entire stakeholder spectrum. Mapping can be broken down into four phases: 1. Identifying: listing relevant groups, organizations, and people 2. Analyzing: understanding stakeholder perspectives and interests 3. Mapping: visualizing relationships to objectives and other stakeholders 4. Prioritizing: ranking stakeholder relevance and identifying issues
The process of stakeholder mapping is as important as the result, and the quality of the process depends heavily on the knowledge of the people participating.

2.1 Select an organisational audit for

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