Business Strategy of Dhiraagu

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Introduction Dhiraagu Products & Services of dhiraagu Mobile Using state-of-the-art technologies we have built a high quality and a reliable network comparable to the best in the region to provide world class digital mobile phone service. Telephone Dhiraagu provides access to communications services in the Maldives with one of the most sophisticated networks in the south Asian region. At least 2 payphones have been installed in each inhabited island, providing telecommunication access to 100% of the population. Data Leased Lines are ideal for businesses, resorts, retail outlets, banks, government bodies and statutory institutions that operate multi-site businesses, and need efficient and easy…show more content…
An important part of our future plans are built around proactive recruitment of talented individuals. Systems Style The management works closely with employees to guide them to deliver a quality and reliable service to our customers at a reasonable price. Our employees are among the best and the brightest around, working together as a team while making a difference, growing and having fun. Staff Dhiraagu strongly believe that every single individual has the potential to shape a company 's direction and for this reason we offer each staff member the opportunity to stand out to contribute to the company 's overall mission. We strive to both support and foster the individuality of each of our employees. Shared Values Dhiraagu has adopted a system of values that must continuously represent the behavioral reference point for all the people working in the Company, thus creating a cohesive belonging to an industry enterprise. We have a commitment to develop a work culture that ensures excellence in all we do and we promote a positive work environment and company culture. Skills We strongly believe

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