Business Structure Of A New Venture

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Table of Contents 1 Introduction 3 2 Literature review and critical analysis 4 2.1 What are HR strategies? 4 2.2 General HR strategies 4 2.3 Examples of general HR strategies 5 2.4 Specific HR strategies 5 2.5 An effective HR strategy criteria 6 2.6 How should HR strategies be formulated 7 2.7 Strategic options and choices 7 2.8 Implementing HR strategies 7 3 Identifying, determining, and critically evaluating the factors which may contribute to the success or failure of a new venture 8 4 conclusion 10 5 References 12 1 INTRODUCTION Entrepreneurs play an important role in the economic development of a country by establishing new venture and firm which will leads to increase in national income, balanced regional development of a…show more content…
Both of these extremes are not suitable for high productivity levels. For improving employees performance at workplace entrepreneur will make sure that there should be right number and types of human resource policies and practices in the workplace. 2 LITERATURE REVIEW AND CRITICAL ANALYSIS 2.1 WHAT ARE HR STRATEGIES? The aim of HR strategies is to articulate what an organization intends to do about its human resource management policies and practices now and in the longer term, • In an organization HR strategy set the aim both business and human resource needs to be mitigated. • It is not a long term plan but can give the direction • HR strategies can be classified in 2 types; these are: 1) General HR strategies indicating highly performance based working 2) Specific HR strategies directing to the as learning and development and rewards (Boella, & Goss-Turner, 2013). 2.2 GENERAL HR STRATEGIES General strategies explained the purpose of an organization to chose an independent HR practice system to improve performance. The three main approaches are: • High-performance management • High-commitment management • High-involvement management 2.3 EXAMPLES OF GENERAL HR STRATEGIES A local authority The chief authority of a council indicates to follow a strategy which says about organization strength and effectiveness, its performance and its direction; there has dedication, and trust, and courtesy for individual, and it seems to be very

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