Business Structure Of The United States

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Throughout the history of the United States, one salient aspect of business is the corporation, as evidenced by the formation of the first successful English colony, Jamestown, through the Virginia Joint Stock Company. Early restricted corporations and small businesses built a society and a new world, while later corporations crippled their employees and communities. Using Clare International from Richard Power’s Gain as a case study, this paper will establish the status quo of early internal business structures and the significance of capital in community-business relationships. Then, it will explore how incorporation and growth correlates to a loss of community in internal firm organization and a loss of shared capital between the company and society. In the late 18th century, production in America came primarily in the form of small business enterprise. Each business owner had a strong personal connection with the personnel and trade associated with their business. Owners of the shops had strong control over their hiring process, and employed individuals known as apprentices to work for them. These apprentices would work their way up in the trade shop, until finally moving on. Throughout the process, the apprentices and owners often bonded intimately, with the apprentice keeping all the master’s secrets while the business owner would often ask the apprentice to eat (and sometimes even board) in their own residence. While not as intimate in the 19th century, the firm still
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