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Business Studies 2013 cbse project Changes witnessed over the last few years on mode of packaging and its economic impact. 1. The changes in transportation of fruits and vegetables such as cardboard crates being used in place of wooden crates, etc. Reasons for above changes. Disadvantages of wooden crates- Deterioration * After wooden pallets are used several times, the wood begins to wear. It splinters, cracks and even breaks under the pressure of continued use. The deterioration is natural and occurs eventually, even if the wood is treated to repel moisture and to strengthen it. This disadvantage leads to replacement much sooner than with plastic pallets. Infestation * Wooden pallets are more susceptible to infestation by…show more content…
Advantages of tetra pack- Tetra Pak Packaging has a very important function, which is to protect food and drinks safely and efficiently from where they made to where they will be consumed. It has following benefits: Protection Packages protect the contents from light, microorganisms and air, and the environment from the contents of the package. Preservation Good packages can help preserve food and prolong its shelf life during storage, transport retailing and consumption. Communication Packages carry important product information about ingredients, quantities, nutritional value, use, sell-by dates and much more. Convenience Packages provide convenience for the consumer, enabling the food to be handled, served and then stored what is left for future use without getting it all over our hands. 3. Plastic furniture [doors and stools] gaining preference over wooden furniture. Disadvantages of wooden furniture- * Sun, moisture and sudden temperature changes can impair the form and colour. However appropriately dried and processed wood is more robust than plastic or aluminum. * The surface can be damaged by sharp objects; stains can remain in case water, alcohol or other colored liquids are spilt and not cleaned properly. Please, consult our wood care guide for keeping the perfect appearance of your wooden furniture. * Wood gets

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