Business Studies Activity 3 - Tesco

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Business studies. Activity 3 – TESCO

Customers have a range of different expectations when they use Tesco’s. For example * good value products * rapid responses to enquiries * clear honest and detailed information * Information about suitable products * Care and attention both with the customers, and the products. * After sales care
Good value products Good value products, means that the product is worth the money paid. This is the minimum expected from any business, whether it be through a products or service. This means that we expect a better quality product/service, for a higher amount of money. An example of this is you would expect a better quality TV if you paid £400; than if you paid £50. The top
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Also word would spread about how bad their customer service and again add the loss of business.

How customer service is measured and monitored Tesco knows their customers are satisfied by monitoring the quality of the customer service that they provide. They do this by: * Surveys * Website/internet * Observation of customers * Focus groups * Analysing surveys
Tesco is always looking at ways to improve their store, and their customer service. They do this trough surveys. They are a very efficient way of finding out what people think of the store, and how they can be improved. Upon purchasing anything from Tesco’s today, you will have a question printed on your receipt saying ‘how did we do’ (see figure 1) and under is a link to a web page with a survey (see figure 2). Once completed employees of Tesco look through all of them, and any issues that appear several times, are noted and then taken into consideration.
On most websites, you will have pop ups either telling you you have either won £1,000,000 or anyother item (see figure 3) or asking you to partisipate in questionaires about companies. Some people can even pay websites to send out questionaires to members (see figure 4). This is a widely used method which is efficiant and cheap. It also allows the
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