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BUSINESS STUDIES TASK 1 The business I have chosen is Londis. Londis have a few small stores dotted around the UK, they sell all home essentials and other food and drink. The aim of the store is to provide its community’s with good value products. Londis has been a running, successful business since 1959. What Londis provide: • Friendly customer service • Good prices • Quality products Londis is always a local store that can provide you with all your usual home, food and drink needs. Londis the company (all stores) has a net worth of £79 million in the UK. LOCATION There are two Londis located in Aylesbury, one being on Weedon road, but the Londis that my assignment is mainly dedicated about is located on Dunsham Lane. Within this assignment, I will be going over Londis as a whole in some parts (i.e. profits). Londis also have other stores around the country, as of 2016 we are unsure of the exact number of Londis in the UK. The location selected for Londis is really convenient due to the fact it 's in a local area with many homes and also, there is a car park outside making it extremely easy access for anyone whether the live nearby or not. Also, there is a takeaway store next to Londis and also, a pub making it extremely popular, not only that there is a park around the corner making it an easy, convenient stop to get any essentials or supplies for the day like drinks. CUSTOMER NEEDS Customer needs are based on what the target audience require, for example, high-quality

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