Business Studies: Case Study "Crumpler"

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Case study: Crumpler Topic 1- operations * Product offered * heavy duty bags for bike couriers Role of operations management Aim * to differentiate the business’s products from its competitors rather than using a cost leadership strategy. Crumpler’s aim has been achieved through: * a better quality product * a vast variety of products in its range * incorporation of new technology * Clever design Influences on Crumpler’s operations Globalisation * Globalization has allowed crumpler to sell to more countries and markets. The expansion has allowed them to open stores in New York, Toronto and Singapore. * Crumpler bags are not available in Greece, Japan, and Hong Kong, China. * Its exports…show more content…
In the future, they aim to attract international designers for future expansions. | customers * Crumpler encourages feedback from its customers. They monitor blogs and message boards to see demands for new products and to improve existing ones. | Facilities * Crumpler started as a small shed in the rural suburbs. It then moved to a warehouse. Now they have a designing studio in Ballarat and the major warehouse in Melbourne. | Transformation processes Of the 4V’s which V is the most significant for Crumpler? Variety. Crumpler uses the batch type for its production. They are required to produce a variety of models, styles and sizes. Each model of bag will need to be made in different sizes and colours. The batch method allows them to produce a huge variety of many products. It also allows them to add different styles or models when they want to. Sequencing and scheduling The aim to have products out as fast as possible. Clear scheduling allows them to have its new products available to consumers. Each task needs to be analysed to determine the fastest way of getting things done. | Outputs Customer service * Crumpler provides a high level of service that allows any questions about issues after the sale. This is done online or at retailer stores. * Store managers are well informed of all their ranges and thus it allows them to provide quick customer service to consumers. |

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