Business Studies - Competition and Consumers Act

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"Discuss the Impact of the Competition and Consumers Act on Marketing Practices for Australian Businesses"

The Competition and Consumers Act (CCA) 2010 aims to enhance the welfare of Australians through the fair-trading of businesses and incorporating provisions to enhance consumer protection. This has a large impact on marketing practices exploited by Australian Businesses.

The Competition and Consumer Act is a major legislation that restricts unethical business marketing practices in Australia. It helps to protect consumers against unethical practices in which they may be misled or discriminated against and also to regulate certain trade practices that restrict competition in the market in order to sustain choice for the consumer.
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This also applies to aspects such as credits, rebates, refunds etc. A business is prohibited from giving favoured treatment to selected customers. This influences Australian businesses and the choices they make through pricing strategies.

Consumer guarantees refer to the comprehensive set of rights for the consumer in regards to defective goods. These rights allow the consumer to confront a business over its implied conditions. Implied conditions are unwritten terms of a contract that are usually assumed, such as a product being of acceptable quality prior to purchase. The product must be fit for the purpose of which it is being sold and it must be acceptable in appearance, safety and durability as well as being free from defects. Breaching this concept is considered illegal and can have serious repercussions in accordance to a business reputation or fees for its illegal breach.

Warranties offer a degree of protection to the consumer if the product is faulty or the service was not performed efficiently. This is an obligation that a business has to its consumers. A warranty is a promise by a business that if a consumer is to receive a faulty product, they will replace or repair the faulty product. This assures quality in products and gives consumers a sense of comfort when purchasing. False or misleading warranties are prohibited under the regulations of the CCA.

A refund is the consumer’s protection of
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