Business Studies Customer Needs Essay

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What is the most important way the small business you have chosen meets customer needs?
In this project I aim to tell you all about the business I have chosen and identify the ways that it meets the needs of its customers.
The business I have chosen to base my project on is called ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’. The address of the business is: 59-61 George Street, Oldham, OL1 1JF. The business also has a website for its customers:
‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ is a Private Limited Company and therefore this tells me that it has limited liability. The business has 6 employees, the manager, a cleaner and four carpet fitters. * What does ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ do?
‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd ’provide
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As you can see, the shop is near to Manchester and has an excellent motorway link which can enable customers to travel to the shop conveniently.

The satellite map above shows ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ via the green circle. It also shows ‘Spindles Shopping Centre’ by the red circle. The blue circle shows ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’ competition ‘Roll End Carpets’. The map also shows the surrounding area of the shop and the local businesses of the shop. There are also a number of bus stops around the shop; this allows customers to travel to the business easily. There is also a tram link currently being made on ‘Union Street’ and this will then enable customers to travel to the shop easily and quickly.

* The shop
The picture above shows the front of the shop. As you can see the name of the business is clearly displayed all the way round it.
This picture shows the inside of the shop. As you can see there are many rolls of carpets on display so the customers can experience the carpets before they buy it.

This picture shows the rear of the shop. As you can see there is a car park for the customers.

* The website

This is a screen shot of the Google search I did to see how easy it was to find my business on the internet. As you can see it is the fifth business to come up on the search engine so it is very easy for the customers to find it.

Here is a screenshot of the home page of ‘Lees Heginbotham & Sons Ltd’. You can see easily one of
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