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Business & Sustainability

Business and Climate Change

§ 1.0 Introduction
Although research on climate change is quite vague about the exact degree of warming and the consequences for the natural environment, a wide range of impacts can be expected (Metz, 2011). The temperature changes and the sea level rise, this has a negative impact on food production, water availability, human health, biological environment and infrastructure in coastal areas. Vulnerability is highest in poor countries where the changes will have a devastating effect. Metz (2011) states that there is no escape from the conclusion that human beings are responsible. As a consequence, the general opinion imposes responsibility for companies to put effort in
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Furthermore, voluntary climate change policy will result in elevating UBS’ reputation (Hoffman, 2005). As stated before, a large percentage of society all over the world has concerns about global warming. Different business units of UBS can benefit from this reputational aspect. First, private investors who consider environmental strategies in making investments will prefer UBS’ Wealth Management and Business Banking Switzerland above competitors such as Citigroup and Morgan Stanley. Second, institutional investors as well as private clients will value UBS’ environmental friendly reputation. Thirdly, UBS could broaden its scope by starting trading carbon credits. Their reputation could help them compete with competitors such as Morgan Stanley that is active in this are already. Besides their clients, UBS’ employees will be more motivated to work for a CR company since they believe that companies should contribute to solve global warming problems. Therefore, a green policy can increase the retention rates of skilled workers (Hoffman, 2005).

§ 3.0 Method to implement green policy
To become carbon neutral, UBS could adjust their company activities or compensate their GHG emission. Besides replacing business travel with videoconferencing, UBS could manage their energy use more effectively with the aim to realize carbon neutral buildings. First, concerning their buildings,

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