Business Sustainability Of A Competitive Supply Chain Management

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There is an increasing focus towards business sustainability in the present times. Companies are expected to operate in a manner that they do not harm the environment or impact stakeholders in negatively (Daft, 2008). Unethical and unsustainable practices are condemned with stakeholders particularly the consumers, governments and pressure groups openly pressurizing companies to change their practices and accept responsibility for their actions (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2011). For multinational corporations, attaining sustainability within their supply chains is important. Even though supply chain sustainability is an emerging concept, large corporations are showing interest towards developing sustainable supply chain.
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The term fast food simply means selling food and drinks that need to be consumed immediately (Alireza et al, 2014). Supply chain sustainability is a phenomenon which is expected to be incorporated within every company particular those that have supply chains extending globally. Smith (2008) has reported that when fast food supply chains are discussed in context of sustainability, researchers have agreed upon certain factors which can make fast food industry’s supply chain sustainable. These include transparency, localization, and safety, reducing energy consumption and efficiently managing resources.
It has been observed that supply chains of fast food and particularly the topic of sustainability within this industry has not been studied in detail. Nevertheless, Aarnio & Hamalainen (2008) have proposed that a typical supply chain of fast food companies involves transfer of materials and information between different players that are involved in producing fast food products such as wholesalers, franchised chains, restaurants and takeaways. Since
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