Business Systems Analysis

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1. Draw an entity-relationship diagram of a patient–doctor relationship. a. Which of the types of E-R diagrams is it? b. In a sentence or two, explain why the patient–doctor relationship is diagrammed in this way. I believe that this is a bit open to interpretation and that one doctor may have many patients and one patient may have more than one doctor. As well as patients can choose their doctors and vice versa. This is a simple ERD where the diag. shows a 0-many optional relationship between both doctors and patients. 2. You began drawing E-R diagrams soon after your entry into the health maintenance organization for which you’re designing a system. Your team member is skeptical about using E-R diagrams before design of…show more content…
A top manager is ultimately responsible for the performance of the organization. 4. Alice in the human resources department at the Cho Manufacturing plant is constantly being asked by employees how much is taken out of their paychecks for insurance, taxes, medical, mandatory retirement, and voluntary retirement. “It takes up to a few hours every day,” says Alice. She would like a Web system that would allow employees to use a secure logon to view the information. Alice wants the system to interface with health and dental insurance companies to obtain the amount remaining in the employee’s account for the year. She would also like to obtain retirement amounts saved along with investment results. Alice has a high regard for privacy and wants the system to have employees register and give permission to obtain financial amounts from the dental insurance and retirement companies. Draw a use case diagram representing the activities of the Employee Benefit system. 5. Write up a use case scenario for the use case diagram you constructed for Cho Manufacturing. A suitable scenario for a diagram as this would be for example where a large corporation with thousands of employees. The business must perform payroll function; insurance plan claims tax / other deductions as well as
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