Business Systems And Process / Operations Management

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BSS001-2 Business Systems and Process/Operations Management

A Database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can be easily accessed, updated and managed. Databases can be classified in order to the type of the content: full-text, bibliographic, images and numeric.

For any organisation a database in needed to track information about people, clients, including people who support or who might support their programs and services.

To manage such information can be crucial but a database allows you to use an incredible variety of information very easily.

Some benefits of using a database are that:
The database is storing information in electronic records that can be retrieved, searched and organized in multiple ways. That is a benefit because it saves time and preserves vital information.

Merging databases records with documents makes producing paper reports almost immediate.

A request for a specific answer or a query can take no longer than two minutes to write, as opposed to hand-collating data records. Plus, the database is allowing writing standing queries to answer the questions you ask regularly, so the answer is just seconds away.

Moreover it allows you to see patterns that aren’t visible using any other way.
Databases allow you to link sources of information together making it easy to see important things to a business that might never been noticed before.

For example Zara had to develop…
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