Business Systems Planning And Implementation Essay

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Major Report – 1 & 2 Business Systems Planning and Implementation BY Danny Morrison Chilka Student Id: U1071703 Letter of Transmittal To, The Indian Railway Minster, IRCTC Dear Sir, This is in reference to the previous business plan proposing a new mobile app for IRTC reservation systems. The report will address the ICT architecture for the proposed mobile app, the security features and the costing schedule for the project. Thank you for the time and support from your office. Please contact us for further information regarding the project. Thank You, Danny Morrison Chilka. REPORT ON ICT INFRASTUCTURE, EFFECTIVE IMPLEMANTION OF MOBILE APPLICATION WITH ANY OPERATTING SYSTEM WITH SECURITY FEATURES AND COSTING SCHEDULE FOR IRCTC MOBILE APP – IRCTC CONNECTS. Table of Contents 1.INTRODUCTION 6 2. IRCTC MOBILE APPLICATION 6 2.1 PROPOSED MODEL FOR MOBILE APP USING CLOUD BASED E TICKETING ON LINUX 2.2 SERVICE MODELS AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET. 2.3 DEPLOYMENT MODELS AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET. 2.4 INTIGRATION OF LINUX MOBILE APP AND CLOUD TECHNOLOGY 3.FEATURES OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE 8 4.SECURITY ASPECTS 8 5.COSTING SCHEDULE FOR THE ICT IMPLEMENTATION 9
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