Business Systems That Have Been Hacked

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Business systems that have been hacked Student’s name: Professor’s name: Course title: [Pick the date] Introduction The concept of technological environment is considered to be the most dramatic force in today’s time, which has been shaping our destinies in a continuous fashion. Technology has released wonders in all the fields possible and has greatly been affecting mankind, whether be it robotics, medical science, miniature electronics or businesses engaged in the online market. Almost all the organizations today are connected to the masses through websites which can be availed at cheap costs, and in a lot of cases, even free of expenditure. The credit for this situation can be attributed to the technological…show more content…
The company announced to its customers about the hacking into the security two weeks after it took place, and stated that the hackers were after the intellectual property of the motor giant’s electric driven drive train system. Nissan’s computer systems were compromised and the information system was hacked into, although there are no concrete evidence if the intellectual property was the target of the hackers. It is also believed, on the other hand, that the cyber criminals got into the online network of the company and stole employees’ usernames and their encrypted passwords. It was added by the then Executive Vice President, Mr. Andy Palmer, that, “however, we believe that user IDs and hashed passwords were transmitted. We have no indication that any personal information and emails have been compromised.” The Japanese giant stated that some abnormalities were noticed by the IT official, the presence of a chunk of malicious malware which had solely targeted the employees’ log-in details and was in the process of transmitting the same back to an outside server. Nissan reverted back to the queries of its customers and shareholders by stating that it had taken effective measures to counter-attack the hack by securing its system. It also alerted its customer-base, employees and shareholders regarding the unfortunate illegal cyber-attack. It is to be noted that the company took 10 days to respond about the hack, which was
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