Business Tort Liability : Tort

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Business Tort Liability Tort is a wrong. The law provides remedies to persons or businesses that are injured by the tortious actions of others (Cheeseman, 2014, p. 115). In the law of tort, there are two parties, including plaintiff and defendant. Usually, the plaintiff is a person directly affected either emotionally or physically by the incident because of the defendant’s actions while the defendant is the individual who injured the plaintiff (Staver Law Group). In this case, Mr. Speed is the defendant due to his behavior resulting to Ms. Smith, the plaintiff, who got injured. Moreover, he must be taken against by his actions in a court of law. In a tort action, there are three elements established. First, the plaintiff must establish that the defendant was under a legal duty to act in a particular action. Second, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the defendant breached this duty by failing to conform his or her behavior accordingly. Third, the plaintiff must prove that he or she suffered injury or loss as a direct result of the defendant’s breach (Lehman & Phelps, 2005, p. 57). According to the case, when Mr. Speed came to pick Ms. Smith up, he came to a screeching halt at the curb. According to Collins English Dictionary, screeching halt is defined as a high-pitched sound caused by a brake and tires of a vehicle which stop suddenly. It means that the taxi driver was recklessly driving and in a hurry, so that he did not make sure that everything was in order. That is
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