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According to the ICCA there are two main types of tourism, leisure tourism and business tourism; the IMEX defines tourism as ‘the provision of facilities and services to the millions of delegates who annually attend meetings, congresses, exhibitions, business events, incentive travel and corporate hospitality"[1] however there is no commonly used definition for business tourism as there are many different aspects to the terms of the meeting industry. Davidson 2003 and Swarbrooke 2001 state that ‘business tourism is concerned with people travelling for purposes which are related to their work. As such it represents one of the oldest forms of tourism, man having travelled for the purpose of trade since very early times.’ [2]

Trends have a
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Each of these has a considerable affect on the business tourism industry and could help improve the ? for shugborough.

Conferencing is one of the largest sectors of business tourism according to the British conference market trends survey 2001 estimated to be worth £7.3 billion. There has been an increasing investment into global conferences industry infrastructure since the 1960’s, which shows how important business tourism in terms of the economy adding to the existing leisure tourism developments and prestige associated with high profile conferences. As it is situated in Milford it is easily accessible from the M6 it makes it an ideal location to hold conferences, this would be possible through the use of The Saloon situated in the mansion house, The Lichfield suite would also be suitable for smaller business events. Shugrbough halls facilities has the ability to hold such things as business meetings for example team meetings, annual meetings, and company award ceremonies.

The second of the main types of business tourism is exhibitions. An exhibition is ‘a professionally organized event that facilitates the meeting of buyers and sellers in a cost effective manner’ (business tourism partnership) [5]. Exhibitions are the 5th largest marketing medium
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