Business Tourism- Main Characteristics , Benfits and Problems Facing the Industry

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BUSINESS TOURISM MANAGEMENT EA [pic] INDIVIDUAL REPORT Business tourism can be defined as a convention, in the sense of a meeting, is a gathering of individuals who meet at an arranged place and time in order to discuss or engage in some common interest. Business tourism industry is growing rapidly worldwide.Business tourism is having its own features which define it from the other types of tourism, and I would mention it in order to explain the importance of the industry. This report is showing the importance of business tourism in the modern world, its benefits and advantages comparing to the other types of tourism and highlighting all the challenges and problems the industry is facing these days.First, i…show more content…
The business tourism sector provides an excellent opportunity for previously disadvantaged enterprises to play a role in the provision of services to them across the value There is a large and very lucrative domestic market which is the responsibility of the regional and local tourism authorities . There is a strong and correlative relation between the national economy of the countries and business tourism. Because this sector usually would promote national industry, enhance communication channels and upgrade quality of manpower in different economic sectors, such as agriculture sector, petroleum sector, communication sector, tourism sector, education and training sector, health sector, vocational associations, etc. Business tourism is able to gain many economic fruits for the interest of the national economy. It is considered a key driver for temporary and permanent jobs. Many governments in the world list business tourism outputs within gross domestic products as well as while analyzing the cost output of public investment in the sector. The sector generates a large number of permanent and temporary jobs in the field of events' supply chain, organization and management in addition to accompanied services. Many countries rely on business tourism for the provision of employments to their citizens. For example, the

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