Business Transformation By Way Of It Sourcing

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Business Transformation by way of IT Sourcing?
Do I think IT sourcing can be a transformative agent? Absolutely. Should IT sourcing be used as a transformative agent? Not only do I reply in the affirmative, I’d go so far as to say that IT sourcing, where applies, is the key to successful business transformation.
We have got to ask ourselves this question first - why do companies outsource? The bigger they are, the more likely they are to be geographically distributed. The more distributed they are, the more likely they are to outsource their IT requirements. The reasons are simple – local vendors, like Cognizant Technology Solutions or Tata Consultancy Services in India, are established players, incorporate industry wide best practices, operate on a large scale (which is exactly what the client company seek to achieve), possess expertise in varied technology domains and have stellar reputations for delivering quality IT services. More importantly, they offer cost reduction and efficient technology management.
However there has been a subtle but steady shift in end user preferences that renders the traditional outsourcing models redundant. Clients can no longer afford to be satisfied with just reducing their costs. To stay competitive in this increasingly dynamic environment, to retain their user base and market share, companies are now looking to their sourcing vendor partners to innovate and provide technology enabled business transformation [1].
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