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OCR Cambridge TECHNICAL (Certificate/Diploma) in IT
Unit 23 – Database Design

P7: Explain how you have met the end user requirements

Task 7 (P7.1) – Explain how you have met the end user requirements. Explain how the functionality and operations work.

With Microsoft Access I have created a database. The Database has been made to help staff and Equest systems to carry out then business sales operations effectively and efficiently. The Database which I have created is a computer based Database; it is produced for EQuest System. In this Database you can discover that I have made it easy so it user friendly. Firstly I have created tables; the first table which I have created is a customer table. In this table there is information
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The logo in each of the different forms should be in the top right hand side and the font size should be the same (size 11) | All of the customer’s with their data shows and can then be edited | There was no need to take any action as the report works | Reports | Labels CustomerTBL | This report needs to match the address labels from my customer table. In a report view. | The outcome of the test was that some address labels did not match | I fixed the errors which were shown on the outcome of the test. | Navigation | Testing the Next form buttons | The buttons that allows the user to go to the next record | All of the buttons within this database which allows the user to go to the next record works as it is designed to do | No action is needed from the outcome of this test. The buttons responded correctly. | Switchboard | I am testing if the button which closes the application Microsoft Access | The option on the main menu part of the switchboard Exit Access | It closed the whole application | No Actioned need for this test. | | I am testing the “Close Equest Database” button | I am expecting the Button to close the Database | The outcome was when I pressed this button it closed the whole MS Access Application | I need to make a Macro that will Exit Access on command. and delete the original macro which is already on the button I do this by modifying in the
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