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We understand that not all of our students are practicing Christians and who therefore may be uncomfortable providing a Biblical perspective in their assignments. On the other hand, most of our students are in fact practicing Christians, who may not have a fully developed Biblical worldview when it comes to understanding business concepts. We therefore hope that this document will achieve two goals:
1) Help students better understand the relevance and indeed the preeminence of Scripture and Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in the realm of business; and
2) Provide useful and understandable points of application for leadership and business behavior, including the
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The Old Testament points to and prophecies of him and the New Testament fulfills and carries out his message.


Therefore, how should students in our courses be expected to use the Bible for assignments? First, students should find the major themes and ideas of Scripture and then from those principles, evaluate business ideas, scenarios, and situations. This is known as exegesis. On the other hand, isogesis should be avoided, which involves taking a particular verse from Scripture out of context, and forcing an application into a business concept or scenario.


The following ideas could be said to be the major themes in Scripture:

1) God’s Sovereignty: A sovereign, loving, righteous God existed before time, as a triune being. God enjoyed perfect fellowship in the presence of God the Father, God the Son, and
God the Spirit, three in one. As such, God didn’t need man; but instead created man as an act of selfless love.
2) Imago Dei and Free Will: God created man in his own image, giving man the freedom to choose to love and obey, and to enjoy creativity and ownership in work and life.
3) The Fall and Pride: Man rebelled, choosing the false promise that he could be as powerful and all knowing as God, and sin, death and evil resulted. Work became hard and painful.
4) Salvation and Faith: Jesus Christ took on flesh to save
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