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Writing is largely an iterative process that improves with practice. We have done a great deal of writing and revising in this course. We have also read Timothy Flood’s Business Writing in its entirety. Reflect on your writing skills and confidence five weeks ago and consider the progress you have made. Specifically, what new skills have you added to your writer’s repertoire that will help carry you through your graduate program? Discussion I Professor and Class, What an interesting five weeks. I am so happy we’re almost done! Five weeks ago, I struggle with getting started on writing. Today, I feel my writing skills have improved tremendously. I no longer struggle with getting started and I feel I am a much stronger writer…show more content…
This class taught me to consider my audience and to remain professional at all times. Even while writing simple personal or non-personal letters, notes, emails or memo. Both authors, Flood and Thomas believes this part or style of writing comes with practice and if we practice professional writing, writing will become much easier to writers like me who feels writing is not one of their strong suits. Carla Over the last five weeks, I believe I have learned a lot from this class. This class has taught me it was okay to be creative while writing, but be very careful with my word choices, especially, those words that could have multiple meanings or words that could have a totally different meaning in other countries. I have also learned to remove unnecessary jargon from personal and business writing. When jargon is included in business writing, it could be offensive to other readers and can demonstrate the writer writing ability and his or her weaknesses. or professional an writing skills would become natural to the writer. be to watch who I include on an email and as is if the writer is angry to his or her request. or instructions. awareness. . I the first time, which will give readers known action if need. my for the writer to convey their intent to reader the first time. the . I understand the need to write taught me it was equally important that we write professional at all

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