Business Writing Reflection

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Writing has always been and still is a very valuable and popular form of communication. Especially in the business environment, the way one expresses their thoughts and opinions through writing is quite important. As professor Barnes stated, communication is the way to success therefore it is crucial to develop and expand one’s writing ability and knowledge. By participating in this class I will not only have the opportunity to practice writing but I may also have the chance to receive constructive criticism from professors with expansive knowledge on this topic. I believe this class will effectively jumpstart my business writing career.
Although this class may only consist of 16 weeks, I will take advantage of all the lectures and assignments because they will both ultimately improve my quality of writing for the rest of my life. Writing has never been a passion or love of mine but I see how greatly useful it is and I plan on achieving some of my writing oriented goals with the help of this course. My first goal I hope to reach is precise and direct writing. In class, the idea of straightforward and exciting writing was suggested, especially for business related writing. I have struggled with things like run on sentences and overly descriptive writing in the past therefore I hope to gain an understanding and habit of clear and precise writing. The second goal I would like to achieve is regarding my grammar skills. I have never been confident about my grammar abilities

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