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It is important to know how to do well at business writing, because we will use this kind of writing skills when we are working as business man or woman. Professor Thieme shares many useful key points about how to write, imparting her knowledge so patience to us. I learned a lot knowledge in ENG 302, and I am so proud of being one of student in this class.
Our first project is to write a claim email, it is an email about a phone can’t work as usual, I should complain this problem to the Quality Electronics company. In the first draft I did not well, because I not read the evaluation of complaint email, and I just wrote what I want. After professor Thieme helped me to revise my first project, then I know I did many mistakes in structure and content of body paragraph. So, I revised and learned the body paragraph is an important part of a claim letter, because it contains what happened and what the results I want to get. It is hard to write a good essay before take ENG 302, even I don’t know how to build an appropriate structure. Therefore, I try my best to practice how to write a good structure essay.
Another problem that I did not very well in claim letter is I used to much negative words. From the instruction of the claim letter, “The tone of the claim letter is important. The most effective complaint letters do not sound complaining, angry, or annoyed”. So, do not use negative words is the second key point I learned in how to write a good business essay.

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