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Use Office Equipment Outcome 1: Know about different types of office equipment and its uses. 1.1: Identify different types of equipment and their uses. Telephone – Used to make and receive inbound/outbound calls. Franking Machine – Used to price outgoing mail Printer – Used to print documents Scanner – Used to scan documents to a user Computer – Mainly used for Microsoft applications, email and the internet Shredder – Used to shred private and confidential documents that may not be used by others. 1.2: Describe the different features of different types of office equipment Telephone – A telephone maintains a few different features rather than just receiving and making calls. At work the phones that we use are often different to…show more content…
2:3: Identify health and safety procedures for using different types of office equipment It’s important that health and safety procedures are followed when using different types of equipment. The main focus is to keep a safe and hazardless environment for you and the people around you. 2.4: Explain the purpose of following health and safety procedures when using equipment When using certain types of office equipment there are some things which could become a problem in terms of health and safety. For example an office will have a lot of computers. When there are a lot of computers it is extremely important that wires are tucked away and not lying around on the floor. Loose wires on the floor make people in the building very vulnerable to trip over and to cause an injury. 2.5: Explain the purpose of keeping equipment clean and hygienic The purpose of keeping equipment clean and hygienic is that the next person to use it will not have to worry about catching or touching anything that they wouldn’t want to. Offices tend to be quite closed in environments and if one person within the building is to catch a bug and use the telephone, the next person to also use the same phone is highly vulnerable of catching the bug also. Outcome 3: Understand how to

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