Business and Administration Level 2 Unit 1 Assessment

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Unit one: Principles of personal responsibilities and working in a business environment Assessment
Section 1 – Know the employment rights and responsibilities of the employee and employer
1. Identify four main points that would be included in a contract of employment. If possible, use an example contract to support your answer (feel free to obscure any confidential information).
Duties & Responsibilities, Sick Leave, Confidentiality, Disciplinary Procedures.
2a) List three key points of legislation that affect employers in a business environment.
Health & Safety, Data Protection, Pay & Pensions.
2b) List three key points of legislation that affect employees in a business environment.
Pension, Pay, Employment Rights &
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Employers have duties under health and safety law to assess risks in the workplace. Risk assessments should be carried out that address all risks that might cause harm in the workplace. Employers must give employees information about the risks in their workplace and how they are protected, also instruct and train their employees on how to deal with the risks. Employers must consult employees on health and safety issues. Consultation must be either direct or through a safety representative that is either elected by the workforce or appointed by a trade union. It is an employees duty to take reasonable care of their own health and safety. If possible avoid wearing jewellery or loose clothing if operating machinery. If the employee has long hair or wears a headscarf, make sure it's tucked out of the way (it could get caught in machinery). To take reasonable care not to put other people such as fellow employees and members of the public at risk by what they do or don't do in the course of their work. To co-operate with the employer, making sure the employee gets proper training and the employee understands and follows the company's health and safety policies. Not to interfere with or misuse anything that's been provided for their health, safety or welfare. To report any injuries, strains or illnesses they suffer as a result of doing their job (the employer may need to change the way they work). To tell their employer if something
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