Business and Corporate Level Strategies

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STRATEGY BUSINESS AND CORPORATE LEVEL STRATEGIES Strategy is a tool to prepare and implement plans in time to come. The business level strategy guides an organization, UBA in this case, to analyze its competitive environment and understand its clients, suppliers and competitors. The corporate level strategy helps decide which business areas to operate in and which markets to enter remain or quit. It tells about the level of diversification that suits business. In educational sector, an organization can choose to remain confined to single campus or grow beyond to offer courses in several different areas. UBA is currently offering 25 majors courses in the field of business and administration. BUSINESS-LEVEL STRATEGY 4.1. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CUSTOMERS AND BUSINESS LEVEL STRATEGIES The customers in any business play a vital role in laying down strategy for a business. UBA is also one such organization that designs courses and degrees for the clients it serves. If the customers are economically very stable and geographically concentrated, the business can adopt niche business strategy. The concentrated market may offer sufficient revenues to the company so that it can operate in profit. Other times, the company may like to adopt aggressive or defensive business strategies based on the other market players in the industry. The UBA had moderate level and number of competition hence it is not quite worried that its customers will be taken away. Besides that, the students
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