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Diverse aspects of culture and its significance in business

Islam Mohaiminul
International Business

December 20, 2012


Culture is the main matter to define the behavior in workplace. Different workers attitude, work output, thinking and relationship with collogue it depends on culture. According to hofstede, there are four different aspect depends on workers behave and role.
Culture is not just an attribute of an individual. Culture is a shared set of values, norms, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions of a group that share these similarities.
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In this manner, companies can create constituent capitalized workforce by establishing mutual trust and respect among employees, customers and stakeholders
(Fernandez, 1998).
Companies should completely reshape the working culture that make possible the integration of a broad range of viewpoints that leads to a redefinition of how work gets done and how diverse markets are approached and capitalized upon. All employees should be held accountable for their behaviours and human resources results. Companies must create a post bureaucratic organization based upon trust and respect in which diverse employees are valued and integrated into all aspects of the work. Companies should rethink and redefine missions, strategies, management practices, cultures, markets, and products to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse body of employees, customers and stakeholders (Fernandez, 1998).

Arguments for creating a diverse workforce
-New thinking and new innovation added to business
-the creation of diverse workforce should be seen as a social and moral imperative.
-Diversity enhances creativity and innovation and produces
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