Business and Employee use of Social Media.

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Funny commercial goes viral on YouTube! Company embarrassed when employee insults customer on Twitter feed. How do you want your company's brand to be thought of on social media? We live in an age where consumers are plugged into social media constantly, and this affects their purchasing decisions, perceptions and habits. Any business that wants to retain its image as modern and capable, as well as listening to its customers has to embrace social media, and its employees are the front-line troops in this task. We will demonstrate how the proper use of social media can enhance the reputation of a business or the lack of savvy can harm it. We will discuss the roles of social media, its importance, and why employees should be brought onboard…show more content…
(Qualman, 2010) Consumers are able to communicate with each other in ways and volumes that were unheard of 20 years ago. Facebook has over 901,000,000 active users. Twitter has over 550,000,000. This allows consumers to spread word of mouth faster, and to a wider audience than ever before. This comes as a double-edged sword, however. Just as good news can be leveraged, so can bad news. Both disgruntled consumers and competitors may harness the power of blogging and instant communication to amplify a bad product, or the ill-thought remarks of a company employee. It is essential to the reputation and financial health of a company to be proactively managing its brand and reputation. What are the actual benefits to being involved in social media? Business intelligence is one reason. Your employees are on the front line of customer contact, particularly your sales force. They know what buyers are looking for, and what they don’t want. Internally provided social media, such as a wiki or company blog, can connect sales with purchasing and manufacturing, directly and instantly, without costly and time-consuming meetings. Instant collaboration can dynamically improve your company’s response to a changing marketplace and keep you ahead of the curve. “Many people go to the Internet first when looking for an answer to their questions," notes Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem. Therefore, call center agents
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