Business and Management Scenario

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Businesses today continue to strive and grow in the industry to keep up with the never ending changes in the business they need the tools to obtain information that can be used to make decisions for the business. The decisions to make in a business can consist of knowing what geographic region to focus on, which product lines to expand, and what markets to strengthen in the industry. To obtain the type of information that has the proper content and format that can assist with strategic decisions they turned to data warehousing. It became the new paradigm intended specifically for vital strategic information.
Businesses are always looking for ways to increase customer sales or the customer base, and in most cases they set a percentage
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The prescriptions filled usage will provide an actual fact of what medications is being sold, the dally order filled by state will provide what location is getting the most business, prescriptions filled by year will provide the profits or losses of revenue in the business, online orders will provide the facts on how many orders are being filled from an online request, and the walk in orders will provide the amount of customers are coming in to fill an order. All the data for the information needed is related and will be grouped into one data structure or one relational table.
Planning for the implementation for the pharmacy begins with the consideration of the issue of increasing sales and new customers. The value of a data warehouse database for the business is the ability to analyze trends in medications that are not staying on the shelf versus medications that are not being sold, and are staying in inventory. This type of analysis will provide the business details in what is being prescribed by the most for patients by their doctors. Along with what changes throughout the years as new medications are developed and made for different health issues that are being diagnosed by doctors for patients. Understanding what medications are being filled out and being prescribed the most for different health issues can determine what medications needs to be ordered and quantity. A data warehouse will allow for the
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