Business btec level 3 unit 2 P1

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Recruitment Theory
In this task I am going to be defining the recruitment process and documentation components. Recruitment is a process in which allows businesses to obtain selected qualified people to attend to a job vacancy.
The recruitment process is the steps in order to successfully pick suitable employees that match the specifications. There are typically seven steps included in the recruitment process to ensure the right person is selected:

Indentify vacancy
Draw up job description and specification
Advertise vacancy
Shortlist possible candidates
Interview candidates
Inform successful candidate
Notify unsuccessful candidates

There are usually four main types of documentation that is included
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This data helps calculate the amount of new staff that is needed in order for the business to develop and grow. Tesco also offers a ‘talent planning’ scheme in which allows individuals who work at Level 1 to work their way up through the business. This scheme includes the planning of objectives, skills required, competencies and behaviours necessary for existing colleagues to apply for a ‘bigger role’. Tesco’s recruitment process includes:
● Vacancies being advertised
● Screening of applicants CV’s
● Successful candidates invited for interview
● Successful candidates then attend assessment centre
● Unsuccessful candidates sent letter
● Successful candidates invited to second interview
● Successful candidates sent offer letter and contract

Tesco’s documentation for the recruitment process is slightly different to typical documents as the job description and person specification are combined. This means together the job description and person specification help job applicants and post­holders know exactly what is expected of them. Other documents include:
Application form/ CV

Cover letter
Offer letter
Legal contract
Now I am going to explain how to apply for a Customer Service Assistant role.
To apply for a vacancy in Tesco you must ensure you know exactly what you are applying for; In the event of applying for a customer service assistant role you would go through quite an easy
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