Business communication between Australia and China

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Table manner and Gift giving:
The difference between China and Australia business communication

Report prepared for Maurice Benson,
Manager, International Business Practice Group

Prepared by Xuejiao Jia, Manager assistant, International Business Practice Group

Email of Transmittal
Subject: report-commissioned by IBPG
Date: 20/10/2014

Dear Maurice
Thank you to fix me up with the International Business Program Group. As a new staff, this opportunity is very important for me to prove my worth to our company.
In your last email, you asked me to write a report to provide a guideline and explain the intercultural communication between my country and Australia. I have
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To begin with the banquet, the host will toast to everyone, and the guest should stand and drink from their cup. After that, during the banquet, the host will toast to everyone, it is very impolite to refuse to drink. According to Eugene Cooper (2007), the most important rule of Chinese table manners is the seating arrangements. If a banquet is a simple dinner which just have one or two tables in a room, then the highest ranked person should sit in the place which facing the entrance, as it has the best view of the room(Rina B 2011). However, if it is a big banquet, the most respectful table is in the middle as it is the central and has the best view of the banquet. In addition, all the people will focus on the central table when the reader begins to toast.

2.2 Giving a gift
In China, giving a gift is not always regard as a bribe. On the other hand, it indicates that you are interested in building a relationship. When giving a gift in Chine, the color of the wrap should be carefully choose. In china, the red color is regarded as a lucky color, gold means wealth; pink and yellow are also acceptable. However, avoid using black or white wrap as it used in funeral. Beside, do not just giving a gift to one person without giving to the others, which would be considered as very impolite (UNSW Press 2008).

3 Conclusion
3.1Table manner
Both meeting and
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