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Guilherme Oliveira Unit 19 M1 M2 D1

M1: Compare the roles of different members of a team.
A way of doing this task efficiently would be to keep a log setting out of the roles that you and the other members of the team have within the team in which you are working as a part of.

When teams are performing at their best, you are likely to find that each team member has cleared responsibility. You’ll also see that every team member needed to achieve their own personal goals in order for the team’s goal to be fully met to an adequate level. Dr Mereditch Belbin studied team work for many years and he mainly observed that people in teams tend to assume different roles within the team. He defined a team role as a “tendency to behave,
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They are, however, quick to see the relevance of new ideas and are frequently instrumental in introducing sound ideas from an external source, these team members should not be confused with Co-ordinators They are distinguished by a preoccupation with objectives. You would expect them to be at least normally intelligent, but not in any sense brilliant, and not outstandingly creative thinkers; it is rare for any of the good ideas to originate from them. They are much more remarkable for what used to be called "character". Their approach is disciplined, and founded on self-discipline. They often have what is called "charisma", amounting to authority. They are dominant, but in a relaxed way - they are not domineering. They have an instinctive trust in people unless there is strong evidence that someone is untrustworthy, and they are singularly free from jealousy. Mature and confident, they delegate readily. They see most clearly which member of the team is strong or weak in each area and focus people on what they do best. They are conscious of the need to use the team's combined human resources as effectively as possible. This means that they establish the roles and work boundaries of others and also the ones who see gaps and take steps to fill them. They perform better in dealing with colleagues of near or equal rank than in directing junior subordinates.
In my team Bemvindo was given the role of the resource investigator in which he had

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