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BA (Hons) Hospitality & Tourism Management Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship MODULE CODE: 6HO712 CW1 Business plan: Vapiano restaurant Student information: Student name: Oman Anja Student ID: 54151 Class: BA1 Module: Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship e-mail: Lecturers: Yuriy Barabentsev / Jaco von Wielligh Word count: 3,725 Date of Submission: 20.3.2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 1.1 Business Objectives 3 1.2 Mission Statement 4 1.3 Guiding Principles 4 1.4 Keys for success 4 2 INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 6 2.1 Industry rivalry 6 2.2 Threat of substitutes 7 2.3 Bargaining power of buyers 7 2.4 Bargaining power of suppliers 7 2.5 Barriers to entry 8 3…show more content…
Differentiation strategy 4. Already a recognized brand 5. Good communication with Vapiano, which has a successful base model 6. Following the rules of franchiser 7. Excellent customer service 8. Team oriented leadership 9. Strong identification with Vapiano concept 10. Well established network with local suppliers 2 INDUSTRY ANALYSIS We will be using "Porter's five forces analysis" by which we will evaluate what the industry is like based on: Industry rivalry Threat of substitutes Bargaining power of buyers Bargaining power of suppliers Barriers to entry - threat of new entrants Figure 1: Porter's Five Forces Analysis adopted by author 2.1 Industry rivalry There are 13 existing businesses within the complex in which we are interested in, that may pose as a threat, since they offer food as well. There is however not a single restaurant in the whole country that offers a unique product like Vapiano, which differentiates itself from others by preparing fresh food as fast as a fast food business. The industry is very big, which enables a business like this to grow without taking market share from other similar businesses. In a longer period of time, that means that the impact of the industry on the firm is very likely to be positive. The industry however is not only big, but it is expanding at a fast pace. Industries that are growing fast in revenue are less likely to compete, making the growth positive for our franchise. The costs of storage

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