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Executive summary
The company’s name is Emerson Davies Flowers Company. Its operation headquarters is in Portland, Oregon. The company will deal in the acquisition, marketing, and sale of flowers to the residents of Portland and its affluent suburbs. Emerson Davies Flowers Company aims at utilizing technology to enable members of the middle and elite classes to purchase customized flower arrangements. The design of the flower arrangements will be such that they will be applicable for house and office decoration, or for special occasions such as anniversaries and weddings. The company approaches its short term objective of capturing the floral market in Portland by targeting affluent businessmen and even corporate heads
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It is important to point out that the company will not follow the structure of the conventional floral retailers. The company will avoid the steep price of downtown retail space by opening its store in an upscale retail residential area near the city. This retail sale point will occupy a projected 600 square feet. A third of this space will be available to facilitate retailing operations while the remaining space will be for storage and work purposes. The company operations will face little market oppositions as there are hardly any well-organized florist in this part of the town. For a long time, the inhabitants of this area have had to rely on shopping malls for their floral requirements.
Technical description of product/service
Emerson Davies Flowers Company will offer a number of products and services. The most salient of these are as follows:
Original floral designs that employ a wide variety of flowers: Each of Emerson Davies Flowers Company’s floral arrangements will be a natural, authentic work of art. The company policy will see to it that each arrangement is unique and custom made to fit the needs of each customer (Fifield, 2012). The floral arrangements of the company will include a wide variety of seasonal flowers in a bid to exploit the surge in demand presented by the various seasons. In addition, the retail store will contain displays of sample

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