Business report for Qantas

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Business Studies Preliminary Assessment Task

Business Report for QANTAS

1. Executive Summary:

The main focus of this report is to identify the legal classification, the characteristics, the life cycle stage of Qantas and one internal and external stakeholder that is affected by the activates of Qantas. The legal classification describes that Qantas is a public company and has changed its legal classification in the growth and maturity stages of the business life cycle. The characteristics of Qantas talks about the company's industrial classification and sector classification. The business life cycle is explained and gives reason why Qantas is in the renewal stage of post maturity. There is also description of one internal and external
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During these times of change business may have to change its orgainsation, operation and its nature to deal with the challenges of each stage in the business life cycle. For business to be successful they must constantly develop and change strategies to deal with the growth of the business or the life of the business may be cut short.

4.1. Business Life Cycle Stage:

Qantas is in the post maturity stage and are trying to renew in the business life cycle. These are shown by the company's profits in the last few years and the plans that have been set out for Qantas future.

The boards of directors are implicating new strategies to help Qantas renew in the post maturity stage. These strategies are:

Structural changes to the orgainsation

Reducing cost by $1 billion over the next two years (sustainable futures program).

Continuing to encourage sales to

Pinpointing non core assets for sale, including terminals at Sydney and Melbourne airports and outsourcing activities to reduce the complexities of running a full service airline.

Expanding its travel, catering and freight divisions to protect it from the peaks and troughs of its core airline business.

Seeking mutually beneficial partnerships with other quality airlines

Segmenting its flying business to align costs and
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