Business strategy Report

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Executive summary

The purpose of this business strategy report was to analyze the internal and external environment of Ibis hotel and made recommendations to improve its generic strategy based on business-level and corporate-level strategy. According to analyzing the Ibis hotel’s internal environment, both tangible and intangible resources of the hotel were better than other economic hotels, because the facilities and equipment were in good conditions. Meanwhile, the Ibis hotel won many awards which not only benefited from the reputation of Accor but also benefit its high quality services. However, the only problem of the hotel was its design style did not combine with local cultures. The Ibis hotel also had capabilities to provide the
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2.11 Tangible resources
Ibis hotel is an economic chain hotel which is one of the brands of Accor international hotel. This hotel equipped with full range of facilities, including internet connection, bath room, room furniture, and restaurants (Ibis 2013). Compared with other economic hotels, the sound insulation of the walls of Ibis hotel is quite satisfactory, which protects customers’ privacy. In addition, the Ibis hotel also provides different languages television channels that satisfy guests’ needs with various language backgrounds, and the hotel also applied the advanced AV equipment to attract more professional merchants. Meanwhile, the Ibis hotel offers a clear price both outside and inside of the hotel, which means there are no difference between the announced price and what is paid (Accor Business Traveller survey 2009), which conveys the reliability of the hotel service to guests.

Nevertheless, Ibis hotel merely provides free internet in public areas, which is not convenient for guests. Furthermore, even though the Ibis hotel has more than 900 branches all over the world, the types of the guest rooms are simplex, which cannot satisfy family groups in some countries. According to (Rosalyn 2010, p. 20), analyzing the local market needs is the key element to expand business in different places. Therefore, the Ibis hotel should focus on different types of customers to expand its customer
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