Business to Business Marketing

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Analysing Marketing Issues for Hewitt Associates


Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing is a discipline in its own right and one of the fastest developing fields of marketing. A business-to-business marketing organisation focuses on relationship building and communication through marketing activities. Nowadays, focus of marketing has shifted from tangible things to intangibles things like skills, information and knowledge. Business-to-business marketers are emphasising on ongoing relationships and connectivity with the clients but some gaps can still be found. B2B organisations are drifting away from their main theme, quality that can be achieved with the help of value
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In order to maintain this image, Hewitt would consistently need to provide the quality driven products to its clients and therefore should focus on capturing value. Hewitt operates in a competitive market that helps it to concentrate on its core competencies which in turn would help in enhancing the value proposition within the company.
If implemented properly, internal marketing would help Hewitt in coordination and cooperation among various departments. It would also help in encouraging employees to offer superb services to the clients and help them able to perform their tasks in marketing-like manner.

Johnson and Peters (2010) define marketing as the dynamic process in which value is realised for both the firm and the customer and resources are acquired and competencies are developed. Core competencies of the firm generally include the coordination of cross-functional, inter and intra organizational network partners to gain competitive advantage by performing specialized marketing functions.
According to Vargo and Lusch (2008b), Service-Dominant logic also illustrates the value creation in business-to-business networks where time, trust and service offering are three important converters in maintaining the relationships with the clients. The S-D logic sees value as
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