Business-to-Business Messages

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Business-to-Business Messages Introduction Communication is one of the core activities within and outside business organizations. Employees in an organization have to communicate the business messages to its key stakeholders in order to keep the operations run smoothly and in a well-organized manner. Since the evolution of Globalization and an increase in the market competition among different participants in an industry, it has become imperative for business organizations to stay on the leading edge in terms of Excellency in its operations and effectiveness of its communication (Sheikh, U. Personal Communication, 2010). It is the communication effectiveness that makes an organization competitive and enables its business to grow at a faster pace than its competitors. Thus, there is an essence need to institute well-formulated communication strategies for business correspondence with the industry participants and stakeholders (Guffey, Rogin, & Rhodes, 2010). Business-to-Business Messages Organizations communicate with their outside World in various forms; the type of communication depends upon the requirements of their business relationship with the party or parties to whom the message is to be delivered (Farah, N. Personal Communication, 2009). However, all types of business messages pass through a Communication process that determines the significance and characteristics of the messages and the behavior of parties involved in the process (Robbins, Judge, & Sanghi,
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