Businesses Do Not Operate Within A Vacuum

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Businesses do not operate in a vacuum. Their operations are shaped by legislations and government regulations. Just like businesses, agriculture farm businesses are required to comply with all the relevant legislations and regulations. Therefore, as the manager of a farm business, it is essential to ensure the farm operations are conducted within the confine of law. Some of these legislations and regulations include Health and safety regulation, RIDDOR, COSHH, Employers liability insurance, Plant health order 2015 and Environmental Protection Act 1990. Health and Safety Act 1974 Under this legislation, employers are required to protect their employees as well as any other person from harm that may be caused by their organizations operation. This particular piece of law requires employers to have in place health and safety policy that must be well displayed for employees and stakeholder to see. However, only companies with more than five employees should do so. On top of that, employers are also required to conduct risks assessment to ensure potential risks are identified and prevented (HSE, 2013; Parks, S., 2006). In the farm business, several health and safety issues arise from its operation. Most of the farm input such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc. and some of the agriculture product such as flowers and grain can cause diseases and illness such as dermatitis, asthma and other workplace-related diseases. As the manager in charge of such as business, it is thus

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