Businesses Need to Invest in Creative Thinking If They Want to Be Successful .

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Essay Topic : Businesses need to invest in creative thinking if they want to be successful . Recent years, due to the burst of the businesses, the competition between companies is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, creative thinking catches more attentions from businessmen. Serrat (2009) argues that compared with the past time, importance of creative thinking in products, service, procedures, and processes increases. This argument states that the creative thinking plays a significant role in current situation (the fierce competition). The objective of this essay is to discuss the significant role of creative thinking plays in modern enterprises where exist a large requirement of improving quality and function of products, a more…show more content…
According to Monney (2008), creative thinking benefits the workplace with the development of many innovations and ideas and thus workplace can keep fluid , exciting and fruitful. If companies want to accomplish a great improvement quickly, they cannot work without employees. So the atmosphere of the workplace is of vital importance. An energetic workplace can enhance ability and improve efficiency of employees. However, how to creative a good atmosphere is the question. It is expected that creating a reward and punishment-system and introducing a sort of mechanism which can be fairly handled the workplace are so effective that companies can,in a large extent, motivate their employees to work with high efficiency and contribute more to companies ,thus, benefit companies themselves. Over all, creating a good atmosphere and a reasonable reward and punishment-system is an efficient way to motivate employees. Finally, every company may encounter various difficulties and need to get out of dilemma during the development process, thus creative thinking is often considered as a gorgeous solution. Ledbetter (2007) states that "it is very possible that situation in business will arise that simply do not fit the mold of a traditional problem. And this is an opportunity to put your creative thinking cap on and get your team thinking". Every company may meet some difficulties when they strive for making progress. If the company
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