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Area of Study 4- The Human Resource Function (i)
- Human Resource Management has replaced personnel management, in most large organisations.
- Personnel management is a narrower area of management concerned only in recruiting and keeping employment records.
- HR Managers contribute to the strategic and operational level, and previous personnel managements have had to take on broader tasks within the organisation, and HR is now a fully integrated function of the organisation.
- The role of a human resource manager is to plan, organise, lead and control all matters that relate to the employment of workers.
- Human Resource management is linked to productivity as it is directly linked to strategies and objectives of the
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- Staff can be arranged under three groups of characteristics: Personal (primary): Age, gender, mental and physical ability, nationality, race, sexual orientation. Personal (secondary): Beliefs, educational level, marital status, socio-economic status, values Organisation-related: Casual/Part time/ Full time status, position in the hierarchy.
- Management of diversity is related to equal employment opportunity; however effective management goes beyond the basic requirements. Management sees diversity s a positive and aims to harness it for business
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