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Favian Ortega
BUSN 110 Mastery Assignment (CLO 3) (Mastery)
San Joaquin Valley College

Describing and analyzing torts, crimes, and contract law will be very beneficial to any person involved in law. Providing a real-life or hypothetical examples of five kinds of intentional torts will be explained. Knowing the difference between a tort and crime is important and whether its possible for a violation to be both a crime and a tort. The conclusion will consist of the concept of “voluntary consent” as it relates to contract law and what impact does mistakes have on contract enforcement.
There are four elements to tort law: duty, breach of duty, causation, and injury. To claim damages, there must be a breach in the duty of the defendant
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17, 2014, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Robert L. Holloway, of San Diego, California, was sentenced to 225 months in prison and ordered to pay $15.2 million in restitution for orchestrating a $33 million Ponzi scheme resulting in $15.2 million in losses to investors. Holloway recruited investors by making false representations, including that US Ventures used proprietary trading software that was consistently profitable. Holloway also generated and distributed reports to investors showing false daily returns on their investments (IRS)
Trespassing case example is a Pennsylvania district court this week awarded Aaron and Christine Boring damages of $1 on the trespassing charges, which Google has agreed to pay. The Boring family sued Google in 2008 for privacy, trespassing, negligence, and unjust enrichment after photographs of their home showed up on Street View. A Pennsylvania district judge dismissed the case in February 2009 because, she said, the Borings had failed to prove that the images had caused them any real distress (Chloe Albanesius,
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Voluntary consent is an important component of enforceability of a contract. Even if all components of a valid contract are present, the genuine agreement by both parties is still a necessity. There are four different situations that could invalidate voluntary contest (1) Mistake of Value define as not knowing the true value of a good or service. (2) Fraudulent Misrepresentation. (3) Undue Influence is defined as results from relationships where one party can greatly influence the other party and overcome that party’s free will. (4) Duress defined as a threat, blackmail, or extortion used to force one party into a contract. For fraudulent misrepresentation, there are 3 components: (1) Misrepresentation of material fact must occur. (2) Intent to deceive. (3) Justifiable Reliance of misrepresentation. Four elements to misrepresentation of material conduct, opinion, law, and silence. Conduct: A customer tells the owner of art gallery that he only wants to see paintings from John Doe, and owner shows painting of someone else. Opinion: A man selling his land states “This land will be worth twice as much next year.” Law: Owner is selling property to customer and tells him “You can build a condo a hundred stories high if you want to.” Even though owner knows of an ordinance preventing buildings
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