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5. Consider the E-R diagram in Figure 7-20. Based on this E-R diagram, answer the following questions: * a. How many EMPLOYEES can work on a project?
Any amount. * b. What is the degree of the Used_on relationship?
Binary, two degrees for the relationship. * c. Do any associative entities appear in this diagram? If so, name them.
Yes Task is an associative entity. * d. How else could the attribute Skill be modeled?
It could be shown coming off of Task as another blue square attached back to Task * e. What attributes might be attached to the Works_on relationship?
The different positions on the project. It could include the jobs and requirements as well. * f. Could TOOL be modeled as an associative
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Alternative B. This is the middle cost method. The price would be right around the price he is looking for. The cost of the software would be a little higher than he is looking for. This would include more features as in getting real time data and a little faster. The time would take a little longer to make so it would go over the three months limit, but only by a little. Training would take a little longer as there are more features.
Alternative C. This would be the high cost method. They would be able to get all the features they want. It would have real time data, and easy to use interface. Because it is easier to use, training would be faster and would be done in the fast period they are looking for. The price and the time to get the system running would be the problem. The price would be higher than the amount he had mentioned he would like to stay under. Also since we are putting in all the features they would like, it would take longer than the three months he would like it ready in.
I think the requirements and constraints and a little unrealistic. The price is a little on the lower end with more money for the hardware then the software. He is expecting a lot in a short amount of time. This is hard to do with the difficult features he wants like real-time updates.

17. Compare the alternative systems from Problem and Exercise 16 using the weighted approach demonstrated in Figure 7-19.

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