Busn120 Mastery Assignment.“Communication Is Key”, This

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BUSN120 Mastery Assignment “Communication is Key”, this phrase is one of the most important phrases to live by in any situation that comes your way in life. As a woman who is interested in a corporate management position after school, my communication skills need to be beyond perfect. The majority of the business world is men, but that is changing rapidly. As a woman, you must speak and present yourself confidently and strongly in order to be heard. Along with speaking well, it is important to be able to be just as professional on paper. Great writing skills, can help explain things that may have gotten misinterpreted during your conversation. If you listen to others, speak well, and communicate on paper as well as in person, you have a…show more content…
When communicating, speaking is only half of the job, you must also be an amazing listener. There are 10 key listening skills that will always help you become the best listener you can.
1. Stop Talking, let them speak: Be sure to let your listener talk, and share their Ideas with you as well.
2. Control external and internal distractions: Take away any Physical barriers between you and your colleague such as a vase of flowers or a computer screen. Also, be sure to clear you mind for any internal distractions such as person problems on your mind.
3. Be receptive, keep and keep an open mind: As a good listener, you much keep an open mind to understand your colleague’s point of view, if different.
4. Listen for their main points: If your listening effectively, you should be able to catch their main points, this will ensure them that you feel what they must say matters; which it should.
5. Capital on any lag time: Capitalizing on lag time uses the quickness of your brain to anticipate what is coming next, try to guess their next point.
6. Listen between the lines: Listen for feelings in their sentence, as well as facts.
7. Judge ideas, not appearances: Concentrating on the context to the message rather than the delivery will help them become more comfortable speaking with you.
8. Avoid interrupting: Hold your fire, let them finish what they must say before responding.
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