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Unit 3 IP
Mary Richardson
American Intercontinental University
December 5, 2011
Harold Graff

Unit 3 IP
There are many different opportunities for these three firms to increase their growth in this very competitive marketplace.
One of the largest car manufacturers in the world is located in Japan which is Toyota. Toyota’s employees believe in the high technology and innovation to provide their products to their customers. However, they should invest more money and their attention more to manufacturing more of the eco-friendly cars ("Business Overview", 2011).
Another large car manufacture that is located in the United States is General Motors (GM). General Motors would benefit more in this competitive
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Toyota will have to face multiple challenges or risks in the eco-friendly development. This will be a big investment and be very costly for Toyota to acquire successful results ("Business Overview", 2011).
General Motors will have risks in the technological advancement. They will suffer from many different risks because of limited availability of the highly skilled employees that are needed to acquire positive results. Also favorable economic conditions can pose risk for the company if they choose this opportunity (2011).
Ford will have many different risks in their business expansion opportunity. They may face risks such as different laws and regulations by the government all over the World. They also will have to deal with the different cultural differences ("Ford Vehicles", 2011).
I would most strongly recommend implementing the opportunity for Toyota. I feel as if this is the best opportunity for Toyota. This will help Toyota in attracting more customers and increase their market share for the company. This will also help the company in completing all of the available opportunities and competitive advantages in the marketplace ("Business Overview", 2011).
Impact of the Market Opportunities
In technological advancement, market expansion, eco-friendly and marketing opportunities play a fundamental role.

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